In October of 2016, I retreated to a tent next to a rushing stream in the Smokey Mountains for what I thought would be a week long vacation from my busy world. Boy, was I wrong! It quickly turned into a 6 month journey of healing and truth!  Though the trip only lasted a week, I am excited to say, its lessons are still going strong! “Get real! with D” was birthed long before its date of publish and its, excitingly, just the beginning.

While on this journey of truth, I have allowed God to guide each and every step. He led me to a minimalistic approach to life by building my own version of a “tiny” house with my own two hands! This has enabled me the opportunity to run my small business as a single mother, as well as freed up time to learn how to share my journey with the world!

One of His many gifts during this season was the gift of growth. Over the course of this past year, God has communicated with and groomed me in ways I will forever praise Him for! Life has been drastically changed since the day I was saved.

Get Real! with D is the platform for my journey! I will share EVERYTHING that I have learned, as well as what I continue to learn, along the way! My goal for this is to empower you build a relationship with God, find the courage and strength to make time for YOU, brave demons, climb mountains, and blaze a trail unlike anything you’ve ever imagined!